Business Associate


We believe and experienced that the growth is a result of collaborative efforts. Hence we offer a business associate program for likeminded individuals / corporates

Business associate is one who perfectly complements and assists A and AM in its endeavour to serve the requirements of the advisory services industry. Business associate will be involved in selling our advisory services to potential customers and in servicing customer requirements from time to time.

We would like to enhance our reach through companies / individuals by becoming our business associates. The business associate program not only helps us to growth faster but also provide means of additional earnings to the individuals / companies.

We offer a special scheme for business associates to provide and earn handsome assured returns. While A and AM is busy doing the base work of immaculate analysis through research our business associates can reach to the end customers to enrich the entire eco-system.

The key for this association is exponential growth for all stake holders.

Role of a Business Associate

As a business associate you refer potentials clients who trade in DJI, Crude Oil, FOREX and could take our advisory services.

Who can join?

Serial entrepreneurs or any individuals / companies who wish to be part of a multibillion dollar advisory services business:

  • Mutual Fund Advisor
  • Insurance Advisor
  • Sub Broker
  • Main Brokers
  • Employees of a broking company
  • Portfolio Advisors
  • Financial Planners
  • Students
  • CA, CS, Lawyer


  • Individual person or firm deem to be 'fit and sound' for an agreement.
  • Applicant must be above 18 years
  • Individual person or firm has not been adjudged bankrupt or has been proved to be insolvent even after obtaining final discharge.
  • Individual person or firm has compounded with his creditors for less than full discharge of debts.
  • Individual person or firm has not been convicted of an offence involving a fraud or dishonesty.

Documents required for joining

  • Filled business associate application form
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Business associate agreement printed on 100 INR stamp paper (2 original copies)
  • Undertaking on companies letter head
  • Declaration
  • Bank Account details
  • Address proof

Earning Potential

A and AM puts substantial efforts to ensure business associate's growth. The key to success is ensuring the customers enrichment which we take care.

  • Business associates can earn handsome income on recurring basis by working on full/ part time basis with ease. There is no upper limit to the income which one can generate.
  • The earning potential is substantial and A and AM will ensure the high business growth for business associate with the required support.
  • All services sold by the business associates will entitle them incentive.
  • Incentive is also paid on all renewal of services by the customers.
  • Incentive is paid after deduction all government applicable taxe

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